The “Human Brain Computer”

The Human Brain ComputerGo easy on yourself. It’s complicated! This picture is of the Spinnaker computer the ‘human brain supercomputer’. Spinnaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture) essentially mimics our brain’s communication network, sending billions of pieces of data to thousands of destinations.

Mind blowing right? But get this. That wall to wall beast replicates less than 1% of each of a human brain’s 100 billion neurons or brain cells!
So surely we can be forgiven if we join up the dots wrong once in a while or feel like we are malfunctioning.

This is what I love about the solution focused approach that I, and my colleagues, use. We help clients to understand their brains, the way they work. Maybe we can’t master the whole thing, (nor do we need to) we’ll leave that challenge to the neuroscientists out there, but we can certainly improve efficiency and productiveness and alleviate a myriad of stress related struggles.

And just for a moment, imagine that unlimited, creative, vast, incredible, resource you have available – your intellectual mind!! Now who’s going to tell the fella in the pic that he’s forgotten to plug it in?